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Research Projects

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What makes Cnam-Enjmin so special?

  • Whether in videogames, interactive media or transmedia storytelling, you can rely on Cnam-Enjmin’s expertise to help with your research project in association with our partner laboratories: the CEDRIC, Paris and the L3i, La Rochelle.
  • Within the framework of a placement or specific contract, our students can assist you with the production of your prototypes.
  • After their master’s degree, our PhD students can work on your R&D projects as part of a CIFRE sponsored thesis, a research agreement or collaborative research with our partner labs.
  • Come to Cnam-Enjmin’s new premises, where you can take advantage of an attractive working environment, with the assistance of our technical support team and students, in what is an exceptional framework to further your R&D projects.

As part of CIFRE, ANR, FUI agreements and European projects, Cnam-Enjmin has partnered projects in interaction systems, game design, storytelling, serious games and game sound, to name but a few. Find out more

Both former Cnam-Enjmin students and our teachers have worked on theses that tackle such questions as: game design for pervasive games, serious games and the use of sound in games...

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